Signing a cooperation agreement with clients from Iran
发布时间:2015-07-22 14:59:44

Six counties negotiation ( American, England, France, Russia, China and Germany) for Iran nuclear issue finally reached a historic comprehensive solution to the Iran nuclear issue on 14, July 21, 2015, solve the dispute lasting for 12 years. At this time, Aipu solids control welcomed our clients from Iran afar.

After our connecting and communication six month and invited by our company, they came to china to visit us. We signed a long-term cooperation agreement for solids control equipment and screen orders. Sincerely thanks again for their visiting and supporting.

Iran as a large country in Middle East with rich oil and natural gas resources, and has huge development potential on economic. With nuclear issue solving, Iran will become the world's major emerging markets. In this case , Aipu machinery will open up new and wider market in Iran.