Advantage of Aipu centrifuge
发布时间:2015-07-23 15:52:36

Aipu as a professional manufacturer on solids control equipment and drilling waste management, producing horizontal screw centrifuge has a bright market and is widely used in many territories.

1. Good automation

When centrifuge is running, feeding, separation, unloading, etc. is finished continuously and automatically at a high speed. Adopt programmable control system to realize automatic control in the process of centrifugal separation.

2. Stable working performance

The differential mechanism of centrifuge is the two - level involute planetary gear, rotated as the pin wheel, low working temperature, large transmission torque  and reliable performance. Adopt anti-blocking device on screw pusher can improve power greatly. Also paying an important role for decreasing the torque of the device itself.

3. Advanced production process

Adopt dual motor and dual frequency conversion energy to react differential speed system finishing flexible stepless regulation and on-line intelligent control. And according to the change of material at any time to adjust the speed, differential speed to achieve the best energy saving effects.

4. Low noise

Double layer and insulation layer design for cover shell, new type seal structure on cover shell and bearing and precise dynamic balance make noise decreased significantly.

5. Large treating capacity

Due to the use of advanced technology to deepen the pool, lengthen drum, increase in the spiral on the diversion hole, etc. so improve capacity greatly.

6. Reliable safe performance

Horizontal screw centrifuge with torque protection, power control and other protective measures can effectively eliminate or reduce the damage caused by the sudden failure of the machine. All drive system is equipped with a safety shield.

7. Good working environment

The separation of the material by the drilling fluid centrifuge is carried out under the condition of complete sealing to ensure the operation site is clean and non-pollution to realize cleaner production.