Creation on drilling mud solids control
发布时间:2013-12-24 14:32:51

Well drilling solids control is rather important. No matter the oil & gas drilling or the water well drilling, even the HDD, or the tunnelling drilling. The drilling mud solids control should be improving by and by just as nowadays petroleum well drilling technology. It should cater for users' different and developing demand


Of course, we need continuous creativity on solids control. How to improve and develop the equipments or technology? We have to focus on general tendency and clients' practical demand. Our end user will prefer the solids control equipments with large treating capacity and high efficiency. We can’t just change our equipments for different with others’.


We need to consider users’ actual requirement. When we do some creativity we should put industrial status, environmental, health, and safe in consideration. Focus on int’l trend pursue high level products and services.


Anyhow, Aipu machinery promise customer optimal solutions with continuous creation.