Maintenance specification of drilling mud centrifuge
发布时间:2015-07-24 15:30:20

Drilling mud centrifuge is critical equipment in solids control system and drilling waste management system. Centrifuge used if confirming to standard directly decide centrifuge service life. Therefore, Aipu machinery reminds you notice the following points in centrifuge using.

1. When install centrifuge, the frame arrow should be in accordance with the flow direction.

2. In the process of transport, it should be handled with care to prevent violent vibration and impact. After according to national standard prescribed method to check, the qualified should be installed immediately.

3. Before installing centrifuge should clean clean room completely. If there are dust in purifying air conditioning system should be clean again to reach cleaning request.

4. The transportation and storage of the drilling fluid centrifuge should be according to factory logo direction arranging placement.

5. Before installing high speed centrifuge must disconnect package at installing site to make appearance test, including: check  whether sealant and frame are damaged, check whether the length, thickness and size of the diagonal can meet request, check whether framework has burr and rust or not, check whether there is qualification for products, check whether technical performance can meet the design requirements.