Some notes for sand pump operation
发布时间:2015-07-24 17:09:31

As a special type in centrifugal pump, sand pump is power source for desander, desilter, swirl mixing device, etc, in drilling mud solids control equipment. Furthermore, it also can be used as grout pump and for assisting grouting, as a make-up pump for wellhead supply, as a delivery pump for drilling mud transport between mud tanks.

Since drilling mud is suspension with a large number of solid particles and various chemical additives, impeller and pump case of sand pump should be accordance with motion law of two-phase flow system so as to reduce wear and prevent corrosion. Since sand pump works in dreadful environment for long time, the sealing of shaft end should be very reliable.

Moreover, drilling mud has a certain abrasive and corrosive, pump body is often destroyed, we must validly block the solid particles into the impeller front and rear guard. And another important question is that flow and head of sand pump should be matched with desander, desilter and swirl mixing device, otherwise, hydraulic cyclone can not work normally.

We should notice the flowing points in the process of sand pump running.

1. Check once per hour. Increase the number of checks in key areas and weak links.

2. Pay attention to current instructions and pump operation, add oil timely.

3. Often pay attention to the surface of the pump. Pay attention to stabilizing head of sand pump. If the efficiency has declined should raise the head amount, if the amount is too large must take measures to adjust.