Working principle and maintaining methods of vacuum degasser
发布时间:2015-07-27 16:58:03

In the process of drilling, the invading gas will affect drilling mud property and exist security risks. Meanwhile, it can also have a great effect on equipment service life. So we need to equip vacuum degasser in drilling mud circulation system to remove gas from drilling mud.

Vacuum degasser utilizes pumping action of vacuum pump to form negative pressure in vacuum tank. Under the action of the atmosphere pressure, drilling mud will get into the tank through the pipeline. The degasser vessel is provided with an impeller. In the rapid rotation of the impeller, the drilling fluid in the bubble will flow out when bubbles broken. Rising gas will be pumped into the degasser through the vacuum pump. In the degasser, toxic hydrogen sulphide will dissolve in water. The remaining gas will be discharged via vacuum degasser gas vent line.

Maintaining methods of vacuum degasser

1. After using vacuum degasser, we should flush rotor and suction pipe in the vacuum tank. Cut off the power and  remove the hole blocking plate, check whether the spare parts are damaged.

2. Do above cleaning working after using every time to ensure normally work next time.

3. Every one month, with a grease gun to the spindle bearing filling grease, into the amount of 200ML.

4. Before use each time, check the water level in the gas water separator and the vacuum pump. Need add water to requested water level and then start equipment.

5. After use in winter, we should release water at once from gas water separator and the vacuum pump to prevent cracking.