Screw conveyor brief introduction
发布时间:2015-07-28 16:57:21

Screw conveyor is a transporting unit and used in waste drilling management. Conveyors can also be used to transport cuttings to drying shakers, centrifuges, stabilization systems, and other devices.

Structure of screw conveyor:

The main components of screw conveyor are motor, control panel, screw( including blade and shaft),conveyor housing, supporting feet and saddles, feed and discharge spouts, cover, through end, etc.


1. Transportation of heavy solids to various types of processing equipment.

2. Inclined conveyance up to 15°.

3. Integral component in a variety of process and transport systems.

Features, Advantages and Benefits:

1. Versatility of design enables the operator to install the equipment per specific requirements with less space restrictions.

2. Variable speed drive provides the capability to control the rate the material is being transported, reducing the potential of spills or blockage.

3. Remote and local starter panels enable placement of the starter panel in a location that is most convenient and safe, reducing hazards and increasing the overall efficiency of the equipment.

4. Safety grates and emergency stop devices enhance operational safety.

5. The maintenance-friendly design enables easily access to all mechanical parts, minimizing overall downtime.

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