Some factors will affect shale shaker performance
发布时间:2015-08-31 17:06:18

Shale shaker as the first phrase purifying equipment plays an important role in solids control system. There are so many factors may affect shale shaker performance, such as material properties, screen parameters and shale shaker motion parameters, etc. Therefore, studying the factors that affect shale shaker performance is very critical for finding some methods about how to improve the working efficiency of shale shaker.

The material features

Shale shaker will often be operated in bad environment, which means that the screen could be easy to be blocked by heap, so the effective screening area is smaller and the process efficiency is lower. These are mainly related to the types and particle of the material, including the shatter value, the density, the particle size and the composition of the material particles.

Structure parameters of screen

The screen length and width

The mesh shape

The mesh size and punching rate on screen

The shale shaker parameters

Shale shaker parameters including the rate of vibration frequency, amplitude and vibration to the angle and the screen angle. Shale shaker is the main facility of the solids control equipment. Whether the operation of the equipment is normal and reliable or not that will directly affect shale shaker performance, even affect the whole production efficiency and total cost.

Improving the shale shaker efficiency

Grasp the influencing factors on shale shaker screening efficiency and rules and measures to enhance the screening efficiency is a great significance for shale shaker application.

There are many factors that influence performance of shale shaker. Improving the work efficiency of shale shaker should be in accordance with the actual situation at jobsite and also need us to consider comprehensively.

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