How to adjust slurry pump?
发布时间:2015-10-08 16:26:47

Motor steering adjustment of slurry pump

1. Motor steering should ensure that pump steering will be in accordance with requiring direction, not reverse rotation, otherwise will cause impeller tripping or damage to other parts.

2. When adjusting motor steering, the motor and pump should be separated off completely. After confirm motor steering meet request, and then connect with motor.

Gearing adjustment of slurry pump

1. If adopt elastic pin coupling, we should install column pin and protective cover well.

2. If adopt belt drive, we should install belts and adjust tension, and ensure each belt with same tension.

Impeller gap adjustment of slurry pump

1. For impeller combination of packing and packing or packing seal type slurry pump, rotation axis of rotation of the pump by hand. Shaft should be able to drive the impeller rotation, there should be no friction, or we should adjust the impeller clearance immediately.

2. For mechanical seal slurry pump, in the case of mechanical seal installed correctly, generally the impeller clearance don’t need to be adjusted.