How to operate mud cleaner correctly?
发布时间:2015-10-28 17:23:25

Drilling mud cleaner is the cost-effective second class and third class solids control equipment in oil & gas well drilling fluids processing system as well as in HDD mud recycling system. It can process both weighted and unweighted drilling fluids system by separating and drying solids with the necessary fluids left for further treatment. After the processing via hydrocyclones of desander and desilter, the treated fluids flows into the vibrating screen of shaker by underflow. If the product is used correctly, both the cost of drilling fluids and disposal can be reduced largely.

Operation matters of drilling mud cleaner:

We should check cone inlet valve whether have already opened before use of desilter group, or the opened cones quantity is enough.

The desander group can works in the condition of providing pressure is kept in the prescribed limit.

After start to work, we should often check whether feed liquid pressure is regular, whether pipeline and connection place whether have leakage. Viewing the bottom flow discharging situation of desander/ desilter, the spray is the best. Then it can eliminate more harmful solid phase and little abrade to hydrocyclone. Otherwise need replace the different size bottom flow to adjust, also can according to mechanical method to increase bottom flow size. We should check and trouble clearing if appears no bottom flow condition.

In order to improve mud cleaner chip removal condition, suggested introduce the appropriate well mouth returned mud.