10 sets HDD mud recycling system delivery
发布时间:2016-09-29 11:50:21

10 sets HDD mud recycling system were delivered last couples of days. They were designed especially for HDD project. We know the HDD mud system is similar as the oil drilling mud solids control. The difference is whole cpacity, and general working condition

10sets HDD solids control system description

These 10 set of HDD solids control system are for Asian contractor. Each system was configured double deck shaker mounted with desilter cones, desilter feeding pump, the suffer tank, the mud tank, and so on. The mud flow rate is 50m³/h.

HDD Mud recycling sytem

For double deck shale shaker, the down deck screen is polyurethane screen panel with thicker height. We tension the screens by wedge blocks for easy installation and screen changes. The mud tank level is reflected by liquid float ball. According to level height, ball will control valves to keep level staying below tank weir without any overflow

Why client selected Aipu?

They selected us since our high integration design with small foot print. Lower cost and best delivery time. We know HDD project will be usually practised in downtown or city. The space is rather limit. So as less footprint as possible is not better. They checked our technique proposal and commercial information. Discussed details with us, finally they placed order to us. They were so satisfied with our working way and professionality. 

This HDD contractor also ever cooperated with other Chinese suppliers of drilling rig, bits, and other items. They appreciated Chinese high quality goods at lower cost. Considering the shipment, they think from China to their job site is rather convenient, near and fast.

Other HDD mud recycling sytem suggestion

For HDD mud reycling sysem, we know there is sapce limitance. If working condition is rather narrow, then the small footprint sytem will be not better. However, if we have enough space, please consider large system configuration with sufficient treaing capacity, tank volume, equipment capacity, and so on

Furthermore, HDD doesn't request explosion proof usually. But, Aipu provide all clients with explosion proof control panel for better protection on electrical components. Weather proof control cabinet will definitely provide longer service life and more safe condition. Upon clients requirement we are able to provide more higher level configuration for all clients

Please just come to Aipu solids control get more information or answers to your doubt.