European clients visited AIpu solids control
发布时间:2016-09-29 12:16:37

Last week, our European clients visited our facility. They came here for our cooperation on the shale shaker, centrifugal pump, degassers, and so on

What solids control equipment clients need

They were founded over 30 years ago. Our client enjoyed great reputation locally. They cooperated with many world famous company in oil industry. Such as the SLB, NOV, Weatherford, etc. We have contacted each other for about 6 month.

From the shale shaker, mud gas separator, to centrifugal pump, shaker screen, and so on. We have come to a initial agreement. At the beginning, we'll cooperate on little quantity equipment. But in the future we'll have more and more cooperation on. As their business is increasing continuously.

European clients visited Aipu solids control

How did clients feel about Aipu solids control?

Pleased to say, they are very satisfied with our working attitude and cooperation sincerity. So long time we discussed much on technique information, cooperation terms, and so on. And after their visiting our factory they know better on our manufacture procedure, QC process, raw material, and so on

This is their first time to be in Xi'an. They expressed the appreciation of our hospitality and the pleasant feeling during visit. We are pleased very much as well. We found clients sincerity and good wishes to us. Aipu trust we'll enjoy great joint in the future

Aipu superiority for this client

Our lients also told us, cooperate with us they will enjoy many benefit. Such as, our price is more reasonable and they know our quality now. They are from Europe, Xi'an is the Silk road beginning between Asia and Europe. Now the railway is rather convenient. The shipment time provide them much convenience

Our patience and sincerity moved them as well. They look forward to our better cooperation in the future as well. Aipu solids control appreciate all clients trust and support. We'll keep going and committing to provide better products and services