Screw conveyor for drilling waste management
发布时间:2016-10-11 11:39:34

Screw conveyor is also referred to auger feeder. In drilling waste management it is a transfer device introduce waste to shaker, dryer, etc.

Screw conveyor information

Nowadays, Aipu is fabricating the screw conveyors used in drilling waste management. They are all horizontal type. During operation, they will be set as incline with certain angle. The capacity for these conveyors are 20~30t/h. All motors are explosion proof type and appointed by user

Among these conveyors, they can be fed in the middle or on the top end. Cater for clients demand and preference we adopt the Mn steel instead of carbon steel. The stronger hardness and durability lead longer service life of blades

Screw conveyor

We are pleased to share some information on the screw conveyors for waste management. During our communication with clients we found users are caring much on operation tips, maintenance, troubleshooting and after sales we can do

Tips of screw conveyor operation

There are 3 steps on initial operation. The before initial start up, the initial start without material, and the initial start with material.

In the 3 steps we have different key issue to note. Such as, lockout all power, lubrication on all bearings, check all tools and foreign materials. Reenergize power to conveyor is necessary as well. Remove covers and check tightness of coupling bolts, check conveyor discharge. Do not exceed conveyor speed, capacity and material density, etc.

Operation tips of screw conveyor troubleshoooting

We may face the accelerated flight wear. If it is not because of light thickness then the RPM may be too high or the trough loading is too high. Please reduce the speed and decrease the trough loading to recommended one.

The hanger bearing may be failed if there is incorrect alignment, improper speed, improper material, and excessive bearing wear, etc. Please correct the actions according to user manual or manufacturer guidance. If we are facing the drive shaft breakage please check the torque if exceed or not then consult Aipu for proper toque

During operation or maintenance we may find above or or problems. Please kindly correct the failures according to instruction book or contact supplier for correct solutions.