Replacement shaker screen order for Middle East client
发布时间:2016-10-20 17:11:19

Congratulations! Aipu got a new order on replacement shaker screens for many famous models shaker. This client is our regular customer. Placed about 100 orders on screens to us from our cooperation beginning.

Not only this regular customer, all of our clients are satisfied with our products and service. Including the shaker screens, shale shaker, mud agitator, decanter centrifuge, complete system and so on. 

Replacement shaker screen order

This order including replacement D600 screen, LCM hook strip screen, the NOV KC screen, and so on. Totally about 500 panels. A part of this order will be shipped by air firstly cater for clients urgency. The other part of screen will be shipped by sea ASAP to save cost.

Now, all preparation work has been finished. We will ship all items in 2 week. We trust our client will be very pleased when get our products. And they will be happy for selecting us so long time