Drying shaker,screw conveyor for oil sludge treatment
发布时间:2016-10-27 10:30:11

Drying shaker, screw conveyor are very popular and necessary equipment for oil sludge treatment. Just 2 week ago, we got the order on drying shale shaker, screw conveyor and the mud agitator for oil sludge treatment project.

Hi-G drying shaker

This Drying shaker is a special design for this client. It is double deck mounted with different type screen. Firstly, we need to get rid of large piece materials, such as the large cuttings, stones, or other rubish. So the first deck is the wedge screen with 1-5mm aperture. The secondary deck is the composite frame screen with fine mesh as common drying shaker

This drying shale shaker is large vibration strength and large total filtration area. Cater for client's special demand and consider the operation condition the drying shaker is based on Hunter-MG4. Totally 8 panels screen with about 5.4sq.m area. Our user is rather satisfied with our design. We trust it will perform efficiently

Screw conveyor

Screw conveyor for this customer including different length. From 3-12m. Only one is for this oil sludge treatment others will be used in different projects. They selected us since the reasonable price and our experience. As we have fabricated about 20 conveyors only this year.

Screw conveyors

Mud agitators in this oil sludge treatment

Besides main equipment, the mud agitators play important role as the auxiliary equipment. It can be fit on the sludge tank and the chemical tank. By mixing the materials we'll get better property and performance of chemicals. For the sludge, we'll make it treated more easy.

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