Customized shale shakers to Russia
发布时间:2014-04-08 13:21:30

Just couples of weeks ago we began producing the shale shaker for a Russian client. They requested we to finish the shale shaker according to their requirements completely. They give us general demand on capacity, appearance, shaker screen area and type, etc.

As per client's requirements we finished this shaker in 30 days. Before delivering the shaker our customer came to inspect it and expressed their satisfaction. Upon their practical operation with high performance they'll place other orders come to about 100 sets of shale shakers.

They are an oil and gas drilling company including exploration, well drilling, solids control, well completion, well control, service, engineering, etc. complete line services company

We are so glad and honored to cooperate with them. Wish we enjoy wonderful cooperation in long term

Shale shakers to Russia