Low solids in drilling mud benefits
发布时间:2014-09-04 13:35:40

Many users may not understand the effect of solids in drilling mud during well drilling or HDD project. And why do we need to process the drilling mud to control solid content in drilling fluid. Please find following benefits of low solid in drilling mud

The usage of engineered drilling fluids provides following benefits, including, but not limited to:
1. Increased drilling penetration.
2. Increase bit or back reamer life.
3. Reduce mud cost.
4. Reduce triplex mud pump, mud motor & surface equipment maintenance cost.
5. Reduced clean-up & haul-off or disposal cost

However, the use of drilling fluids, without an effective solids control system can lead to a wide variety of problems, including:
1. Lowered rate of penetration.
2. Reduced bit and reamer life.
3. Increased mud cost.
4. Increased wear on triplex mud pump, mud motor and surface equipment.
5. Increased clean-up and haul-off costs.

To achieve the benefits associated with engineered drilling fluids, effective solids control planning is required. These benefits are the result of planning prior to boring and are accomplished through the use of properly designed, sized and operated solids removal equipment. It is the responsibility of the boring crew to become knowledgeable in the proper use of the equipment; otherwise the potential benefits may be reduced or nullified. Figure 3 highlights the advantages achieved of maximizing solids control system effectiveness and defines the benefits of selecting the proper mud system