High efficiency mud agitators
发布时间:2014-09-05 15:19:26

Why do we need high efficiency mud agitator?
The need for a more efficient agitator becomes apparent as energy and maintenance costs continue to climb. The high performance uses an aerodynamic design that maximizes lift and minimizes drag. This results in a more efficient and power conscious agitator. Its design involves a tank-mounted stabilizer to increase gear and bearing life.

Under following mud type,the common parameter and performance
Mud: 60 Sec 60 Sec 60 Sec 60 Sec 60 Sec 60 Sec
Impeller: 28"dia. 32"dia. 36"dia. 40"dia. 44"dia. 48"dia.
20# mud: 3 hp 3 hp 5 hp 5 hp 7.5 hp 10 hp
15# mud: 3 hp 3 hp 3 hp 5 hp 5 hp 7.5 hp
Capacity: 3135 gpm 4680 gpm 6665 gpm 9140 gpm 12800 gpm 15800 gpm
Capacity: 74 bbl/min 111 bbl/min 159 bbl/min 218 bbl/min 305 bbl/min 375 bbl/min

•The high performance mud agitator’s main advantages are high flow efficiency and low power consumption which result in operation cost savings and convienence.
•High quality Agitators also inherently provide mechanical design advantages, such as:
- High efficiency gearbox.
- Axial flow to provide good mixing.
- Less side force, lower bending moments and corresponding longer life for gear reducers and shaft seals.