Tango 200 Mud system for Korean client
发布时间:2014-09-10 18:20:59

Korea drilling company always request system convenient to transfer and operate. The treating capacity requested not as much as the oil well drilling mud system.

The Tango 200™ mud recycling system is the perfect fit for today’s drilling contractor with 4k to 40k sized rigs in the trenchless, water-well, or geothermal industry. Capable of processing 65 to 200 gpm (4.1 to 16.6 lps) of used drilling fluid, the Tango 200 is a high performing recycling system with a compact user-friendly design. This unit features KEMTRON’s multifunctional linear motion shaker, 4” desilter hydrocyclones with isolation valves, dedicated 118 series centrifugal pumps, mud gun injection system, and remote operation pendant. The Tango 200 maintains a small footprint, which is perfect for working in residential and city locations.

Tango 200™ Features
• 65 to 195 gpm (5.04 to 12.29 lps)flow capacity.
• 1,000 gallon (3,758 liters) tank capacity.
• Three 4” desilter hydrocyclone manifold for secondary sand and silt removal with dedicated isolation valves
• Remote control pendant with 100 foot (30 meter) cable for rig operator control of trash pump and transfer operation.
• Two 10 hp centrifugal pumps for mud gun/hopper, desilter and transfer operation.
• Low level automatic shut off of transfer pump to prevent running rig pump dry (option upgrade).
• Special features such as rear discharge,chute, dump valves and drain troughs, allow for working in environmentally sensitive areas.

We trust this Tango 200 Mud system will give Korean users great performance