Detail features of KEMTRON Hyper-G shaker
发布时间:2014-09-12 14:04:30

KEMTRON has incorporated a series of product innovations into the Hyper-G Shaker that now allows operators to use one shaker for a variety of mud and hole applications.By significantly improving the design, KEMTRON has been able to extend a three-year warranty with its Hyper-G™ Shaker.What is the main features and benefit? How KEMTRON performance superiority to user?

Power On-Demand Power. With a redesigned basket & motors, the Hyper-G™ is KEMTRON’s most powerful variable G shaker, therefore allowing the operator to tune the shaker to the drilling program.

Motion Selectable Motion. By the simple turn of a switch the Hyper-G™ can generate either linear motion or balanced elliptical motion, therefore allowing the operator to tune the shaker to the cuttings.

Durability Three-Year Warranty. By focusing on quality and value, KEMTRON’s Hyper-G™ is provided the industries most aggressive three-year warranty

Dual 2.5HP Explosion-Proof High-G motors provide up to 7.5 G’s of force. Multi-functional High-G motors generate both linear and balanced elliptical motion.NEMA 7X VFD Panel provides multiple G-forces in both linear and balance elliptical motion.One-piece Firestone Marshmallow Springs maximize G-force while minimizing carriage vibration. KEMTRON’s Dual Motion Hyper-G™ shale shaker allows operators to tune one shaker for any hole or drilling fluid condition experienced.

Angled single-piece flow diverters allow for mud to be managed to either side of the shaker.10” inlet flange provided directly on rear of one-piece possum-belly / gumbo tray.New conveniently located knife-gate provides for seal-tight mud by-pass capability.Reversible control panel that can be placed on the left or right side of the shaker.

Balanced shaker basket allows adjustment of deck angle by a single hand wheel.Single-piece rigid motor mount truss maximizing energy translation & lowers weld stress.¼” ASTM A36 plate steel construction, full seam welded for maximum equipment life.Single-piece tubular steel for maximum energy translation & lower weld stress. Ensuring Operator Safety Remains a Fundamental Commitment to KEMTRON’s Design Philosophy.

Integrated Gumbo Tray eliminates mud bypass and allows for variable sieve trays to be used.High-G motors can produce more than 7 G’s and are now come with a three-year warranty.Single-piece wedge-block with optional spring locking system to minimize loss. Firestone™ Marshmallow Springs provide for a one-piece design. Does not corrode or require repainting.

The Hyper-G™ Shaker was designed for maximum installation flexibility, regardless of the rig or the current assets utilized.