Drilling waste management system
发布时间:2015-01-05 17:32:13

How to make drilling mud more safety, environmental-friendly, effective, and cut down cost during drilling is always the important topic


Present problem at well drilling jobsite

Drilling mud plays the role “well drilling blood”. It contains oil, water, organic clay, and chemicals, etc. Drilling mud also refers to drilling fluid. It can provide more lubrication during well drilling between the drilling tools and bore wall, enhance well quality. Drilling mud is widely used in horizontal drilling and vertical drilling. Nowadays, more and more oil based drilling mud is much popular but the cost and environmental problem is more serious. Many drilling and exploration companies seemed more passive at overseas tender project since oil based mud treating equipment. Now, drilling waste process system will overcome this issue


The principle of drilling waste process

The drilling waste flows into the waste management equipment from wellhead. There will be a sealed path shaped rectangle pipe—screw conveyor. The conveyor will transfer cuttings to cutting dryer. Under extra high speed rotation and screen basket filtration most drilling cuttings will be discharged from another screw conveyor through the first discharging port. Left liquids will be pumped into decanter centrifuge for further process. Finally, the fine cuttings will be discharged out of the 2nd discharging port. Meanwhile, after processed the drilling mud will flow into mud tank for reuse.

Drilling waste process equipment: Usually including cutting dryer, high speed decanter centrifuge, screw conveyor, mud tank


The drilling waste process equipment features

  1. We know before the drilling waste will be discharged to mud pool or tanks and order certain person to add the chemicals, to agitate drilling mud. This increases cost, time investment. The drilling waste management system will recycling drilling mud at drilling site save much time and cost
  2. Drilling cuttings after processed by cutting dryers can be transferred by truck, etc. This also cut down the transportation cost
  3. Dry cuttings from cutting dryers can be used to pave the road. Save material and environmental-friendly

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