Why we need drilling mud decanter centrifuge
发布时间:2015-01-06 12:23:29

Drilling mud decanter centrifuge also can be used to control the mud viscosity. It is the 4th phase solids control equipment. The drum or bowl will rotate at 1800rpm even higher speed. Feeding pump will transfer drilling mud into centrifuge. Under big centrifugal force from drum solid/cuttings will be separated effectively. High weight particles will be separated more quick along the internal wall.


Drilling mud shale shaker and hydrocyclone are used to get rid of larger particles, while drilling mud centrifuge used to separate fine solids or extra fine solids. This is the key difference between hydrocyclone separator and centrifuges. Also it is the reason we operate centrifuge behind the hydrocyclone separator or mud cleaner.

High quality mud decanter centrifuge

Why do we need the drilling mud centrifuge. The brief answer is get rid of finer particles


During drilling the cuttings will be broken as finer and finer solids. More and more particles will lead drilling fluid heavier, especially the viscosity and shearing force increase swiftly. This type drilling fluid requests solids with certain density to aggravated the drilling fluids. The drilling mud centrifuge will separate extra fine solid (barite smaller than 2microns and cuttings smaller than 3microns) out of bigger size barite and cuttings. Although we don’t need bigger ideal sized barite and cuttings they will damage little on drilling fluid features. Expensive additives will be disposed together with extra fine particles. However, most chemicals process cost will be for extra fine cuttings management. We do need some additives, but decrease additive and barite will benefit much on disposing drilling cuttings