Decanter centrifuge in whole drilling waste managment
发布时间:2015-01-09 10:57:49

Decanter centrifuge is the typical solids control equipment. In the drilling fluid process it is the 4th phase equipment operated after desilter hydrocyclone. However, in the complete closed loop drilling waste management how is it working?


The drilling fluid with cuttings flow into shale shaker and other primary cleaning equipment. Including the hydrocyclones and centrifuge if necessary. The drilling mud with fine solids will be processed in the dewatering system again while the wet cuttings will be transferred to cutting dryers.


In the dewatering system, there will be centrifuge and related compartment for additives, pipelines, jet nozzles, etc. After processed by dewatering system the recovered drilling fluid will be transferred to well head for reuse, while the waste solids discharged can be disposed into certain cabinet for further landfill or other application


Aipu high speed centrifuge for drilling fluid


Lets find the wet cuttings after primary cleaning on drilling mud. The wet cuttings discharged from premary equipment will be delivered to cutting dryer. The cutting dryer will do some recovery work on the wet cuttings. Recovered drilling fluids and water will be pumped into dewatering system and the waste solids will be disposed into certain cabinet as well


We can find centrifuge can be used as primary cleaning equipment with shaker, hydrocyclones. It can be used as dewatering equipment in the dewatering system as well. In short, it is a cleaning equipment for drilling fluid process and environmental-friendly.


Aipu produce both middle speed centrifuge and high speed centrifuge. As well as the VFD centrifuge for option. Please feel free to contact us for any interest or questions