Aipu drilling waste management-dewatering sytem
发布时间:2015-01-09 12:00:53

Considering the pollution effect on whole human environment more and more people pay attention on the energy-saving and the conservation of environment. No matter which industry, no matter which country have issued/indicated many regulations on the environment-protection


This year, in China our goveronment declared new law and regulations on environment-protection. Especially the petroleum indusdry will be affected very much. As we know the drilling fluid will be usually added additives for certain performance. Since drilling mud process technology level there will be a lot of harmful waste disposed to the air make the environment worse and worse. The water in the drilling mud/waste can't be used under former management


Cater for general tendency and users' demand Aipu will begin producing the complete drilling waste management system. It can be called closed loop dewatering system or  "no fluid drop down ground" proposal


Actually, Aipu is professional manufacturer on solids control. The complete dewatering system just need us to combine the primary mud cleaning sytem with dewatering part together. The dewatering system mainly including the cutting dryers, tanks, centrifuge, and the screw conveyor some user will request drying shaker.


Drilling mud with cuttings will be firstly processed by primary cleaning equipment. Such as shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge. The cleaning fluid will be reused, while the fluid with wet cuttings disposed from primary equipment will be transferred to cutting dryer. The dry solids will be discharged into certain cabinet and the wet fluid will be processed again by decanter centrifuge


Finally, all the disposal will be dry one and easy to handle, to transport. The water will be recycled and resued. Also safety for environment and meet national new requirements