Drilling fluid solids control system shipment
发布时间:2015-01-09 15:34:41

This drilling fluid solids control system was designed for foreign client. They use it mainly for CBM drilling mud process. The main products configured as below:


Complete drilling fluid solids control dystem


1. Dual tandem shaker

2. Vacuum degasser

3. Desander and desilter

4. Centrifugal feeding pump for hydrocyclones

5. Decanter centrifuge

6. 3 mud tanks with lights and agitator

7. A submersible slurry pump

8. Jet mud mixer SLH150X50


Now the system has arrived at user's job site. We'll go there for commissioning against client's confirmation. Please find following picture for more info.


Solids control desilter


Vacuum degasser