1st horizontal CBM well in Xinjiang
发布时间:2015-01-10 12:24:42

The first horizontal CBM well in Xinjiang were producing on Jan.2 and the daily productivity is supposed to br 40000CBM. This means Xinjiang urge the exploration on CBM and realize industrialization soon


The CS11 well site is the first horizontal CBM well in Xinjiang. Presently, this well is under decreasing pressure by discharging water. The stable gas productivity will be realized in March


CBM in Xinjiang


CBM also refers to “mashgas” always known as “killer” of mine. When the CBM density in the air rate is 5%~16% any fire will lead blow out. However, CBM heat value almost equal to natural gas. It is clean and high-efficiency energy. Excavating CBM before coal extraction will low down the blow out rate by 70%~85%


Xinjiang is the second coal basin behind Huabei region in China. 2000m depth or upper CBM is up to 9500billion CBM rated 26% of expected resource. The Junggar Basin along Tian shan mount east and south edge obtained CBM over 1000billion.


CBM exploration potential is rather huge, by now, CBM in Xinjiang usage rate is only 7%. Although Xinjiang CBM exploration developed a bit late these years have developed rather swiftly. Now the considerable resource have attracted many companies begin investment and exploration both domestic and overseas


The horizontal CBM well will request drilling mud process system as well. We trust Aipu will provide great product and services to these companies and give this industry more positive contribution