Petroleum production reduction effects all arround world
发布时间:2015-01-12 13:47:43

Petroleum and gas are important resources all over the world. From 2014 end till now, the general market is weak. The price has become 60% even lower of former common level. 


Petroleum production reflects many different effects all over the world as well. Not only the oil, gas, petrochemical, etc. But also the general economy tendency, the employment rate, the security situation arround the world


For the upstream and downstream companies, will affect much on drilling companies, the service companies, the refining companies. To us, the solids control providers will be affected much as well. You know, lower market price will not earn profit for oil companies. Then they will reduce the production via decreasing drilling wells quantity so they won't need as many solids control equipment as before


In China, many solids control manufacturers have found the big effluence from the soft market both home and abroad.


But, we trust the market will be better than 2014 as so many clients will replace a generation equipment operated in the drilling site. Furthermore, the cuttings dryer will be another break for domestic market