Aipu Vertical cuttings dryer
Cate: Vertical cutting dryer 

Aipu Produce high quality vertical cutting dryers. The equipments are widely used in drilling fluid process, mud recycling, the waste management, etc.


Aipu APVCD-900 cuttings dryer design is rather popular with  present users. If you have any interest or questions please feel free to contact us. Please find more information on it


Model  APVCD-700
Capacity 30~40 t/h
Efficiency 00C≤5%
Screen basket max. Dia 700mm
Screen wedge space  0.25~0.5mm
Speed 900rpm
Separation factor 408G
Washing pump quantity 1 set
Main motor 22KW
Oil pump motor 0.37KW
Weight 3500kg


Note:1. High quality stainless steel screen basket with wedge wire

           2. Telescoping stand with discharge chute optional

           3.  Decks with handrails can be added, upon request